“What I Hear I Forget. What I see, I Remember. What I Do, I Apply.” ~Confucius

Available Workshops Listed Below
Custom options feasible

Team Building

Interactive & fun hands on staff activity to promote a radiant, fulfilling, harmonious work environment by elevating your positive culture. Long lasting benefits.


Acquire New Patients

Staff coached on asking for patients to refer new family and friends.


Conflict Management

Role Play scenario practice to manage upset patients


Cultivate Satisfied Patients

Elevate patient contentment through honest client feedback.


Social Media in Medicine

Steps to take to generate positive social media feedback.


Loss, Death and Dying

Employees coached on suitable patient interactions for declining patients.


Work and Family Balance

Interactive staff brainstorming activity and application to lower stress and increase work environment productivity.


Positive Work Environment

Generate high moral, increase collaboration, create synergy.


Custom Workshops

Personalized workshops developed by me for you based in your needs, questions and concerns.